We are bringing real people into the Metaverse  and  Web3  through cutting-edge  volumetric technology.

Create in New Dimensions

We believe that volumetric technology will change the way people create, express themselves and consume content in the digital world. Let’s redefine everything.

YOOM is pioneering how content is produced and consumed, driving the convergence of digital and physical worlds—from Music to Sports to Entertainment or even Fashion.


We are launching artists into the Metaverse & Web3 with imaginative music videos & immersive concert experiences. YOOM is offering a new medium for artists to express their creativity and engage with their fans.


Anze Kopitar

YOOM is supercharging the relationship between teams, athletes and their biggest fans by creating incredible immersive experiences inside/outside of the arena and online.

Anze Kopitar


YOOM is providing end-to-end volumetric capabilities from capture to rendering to post-production, offering brand-new tools to creative visionaries that will innovate TV, Cinema and Gaming.

Paul Oakenfold

YOOM is building a brand new mobile platform that will empower people to express themselves with human-centric immersive content right in the palm of their hands.

The mobile application is currently in beta, with an official release in 2023.

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