Introducing Yooman

Simplify and Automate your 3D Character Creation Pipeline

Experience the power of automation with Yooman's AI-driven solution. Once configured, the character generation process becomes fully automatic, freeing you to focus on building, creating, and designing your game. Let AI handle the tedious tasks for you.

Create professional, game-ready 3D characters that fit your current pipeline with Yooman's comprehensive Character Creation solution.


High Fidelity

Maintains the natural and hyper-realistic geometry, texture, and motion of a state-of-the-art volumetric capture asset.

Our cutting edge AI technology delivers the flexibility and fidelity in performance capture that studios and creators require for gaming and immersive interactive content.

Automated AI-Based Pipeline

This is a solution that includes modeling, photogrammetry, retopology, motion capture, retargeting, rigging and skinning, facial rigging, texturing and keyframe cleanup, turning a 6-step process into just 2 steps.

Faster Delivery & Scalable

Automatically produces minutes of editable and photorealistic 3D animation within a few days, resulting in significant cost-efficiencies.

Native Integration

Outputs standard formats (Alembic) that are compatible with all major game engines (Unreal, Unity, Roblox, CryEngine, etc.) and 3D software (Maya, Max, Blender, Cinema4D, etc.).

Auto Retargeting and Reskinning

Provides automated retargeting and reskinning to transfer motion between different meshes and body types.