Our Tech

YOOM’s end-to-end platform powers the capture, editing, and distribution of volumetric content from professionals to everyday consumers. Based on proprietary AI, our technology blurs the lines between photorealism and interactivity while providing unparalleled quality and production flexibility.

Multi-Camera Solution

Machine-learning powered, high-fidelity, transportable capture studio powered by proprietary depth cameras. allows capturing fast and accurate performances on-site with unrivaled quality. YOOM’s Studio solution produces geometric, color, semantic and skeletal data to increase the quality and utility of content.

Point Cloud

Professional Volumetric Capture Studio

  • Portable high-fidelity capture with proprietary depth cameras
  • Ability to capture fast movements
    (exposure time 1ms)
  • Advanced format compatible across real-time game (Unreal, Unity) and VFX engines.

Robust Editing & Development Toolsets

YOOM’s editing suite was designed to streamline post-production processes, empowering teams to customize human appearance and adjust recorded performance. Features include:

  • Recoloring and relighting
  • Custom material configuration
  • Prop and add-ons insertion and replacement
  • Time remapping for slow and fast motion

YOOM’S suite is integrated with leading 3D software, allowing 3D teams an easy transition to volumetric pipelines.

Single Camera Solution

Hardware-independent capture solution allowing the production of volumetric content using a single RGB camera. Based on deep learning algorithms developed using the world’s largest database of volumetric samples, the single-camera solution is supported by cloud-based processing.

Platform-Agnostic Volumetric Player

Our advanced volumetric player powers cross-platform distribution to millions of users on any device from desktops and phones to VR headsets. Using semantics-aware compression, we support streaming and seamless implementation of interactive experiences at the highest quality.

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