Use Cases

We are paving the way for the future of immersive and interactive content. YOOM has established a home for artists, athletes, entertainers and brands to be at the forefront of these new forms of content creation and social experiences.



SXSW x SoundWaves

SoundWaves is an interactive, volumetric music concert in an Austin-inspired metaverse space where you can explore, dance, chat & play with friends & witness larger-than-life, photorealistic music performances, all captured via YOOM’s cutting-edge AI 3D tech.

The experience was built in Active Theory’s Dreamwave platform.

Virtual events enable more people to come together and share in an immersive, innovative experience while also helping us reach a wider, global audience and connect with fans in new and exciting ways. As artists, virtual platforms also give us increased creative control over performances and more exposure – not just to fans, but to other musicians, producers and creators around the world too. We're honored to be among the pioneers of exploring music's next frontier.

– Paul Oakenfold, Luude (feat Dear Sunday), RIELL, Infected Mushroom, Teriyaki Boyz, Bright Light Bright Light, COASTCITY, Mason & Julez, GusGus, Capri and Muszette


Paul Oakenfold's Perfectoverse

Dive into the brilliant mind of DJ Paul Oakenfold in this 72-minute immersive concert film. Includes a bonus three-song immersive experience, allowing you to interact using a virtual camera, so you become the director in a 360° world on any browser.

This experience is truly a first of its kind, utilizing many cutting-edge VFX techniques including volumetric!

Immersive Music Videos

Teriyaki Boyz

Catch a glimpse of the future with Verbal & the Teriyaki Boyz!

Take a peek behind the scenes of our volumetric capture shoot at YOOM Studios, where Verbal shares his thoughts on this cutting-edge technology and how it is transforming the way we experience music.

Luude feat. Dear Sunday

Watch the official behind-the-scenes and unique making of Luude’s hit single Wanna Stay feat. Dear Sunday, captured at YOOM Studios in Los Angeles, CA.


Cinematic Video Production

Our 2022-2023 partnership with the NHL's Los Angeles Kings included multiple 3D Videos, a 3D Billboard and AR Activations. We were able to capture their players right on the ice, which has never been done before. Go Kings Go!

3D Digital Billboard

AR Fan Activation

This is all about the fans. We were blown away by what was visually possible and we look forward to continuing to work with YOOM on new ways to engage with our fans inside and outside of the arena.

—Luc Robitaille, President of the LA Kings


We are driving innovation in the future of TV, Cinema with industry leading talent, offering brand-new tools that will change the way we consume entertainment in VR & AR.